Our Technology Will Improve the Lives of Officers AND improve their Safety.

Suspect.id is using the technology that would have been considered science fiction 20 years ago, to make the lives and duties of officers safer and more efficient TODAY.

Facial Recognition:
One of the fastest and most reliable forms of identifying a subject, in realtime at the time of contact with the subject.

Powered by the stockNum PhotoID service, Suspect.id has millions of photos indexed into our database that are mapped to over 750,000 unique persons. This data includes mugshots, AMBER Alerts, social media accounts, and other online sources.

Vehicle Identification Number Decoding:
Officers will be able to safely and quickly return even the most detailed description of an officers point of contact to their dispatch center within seconds, providing the unit's GPS coordinates as well as the vehicles year, make, model, and color.
Without the hassle of alphanumeric decoding over the radio, collecting a vehicle's identifying factors is as simple as snap and shoot.

License & Identification Card Scanning:
Similar to our VIN Decoder tool, Suspect.id has the ability to scan a person's ID card or license quickly. Within seconds of the officer scanning within the app, the suspect's information is relayed back to dispatch where it is assigned to the proper authority who can then view all information as well as monitor the case, and the location of the stop.

iOS, Android, and Windows 10 Desktop

App Downloads Require Paid Suspect.id Account
Verified Law Enforcement Agencies Only

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